In the latest episode of Turn Talk, I sat down with Virgil Herring and we discussed the 2020 Masters Tournament and more.

We had a great conversation and we not only covered the tournament but many other topics. I think you will really enjoy it and we ended it with a few nice tidbits.

Thanks for listening and enjoy!

In the latest episode, we had a panel discussion with audience participation. We were discussing "Is 2020 the best year for Golf" and we had a great discussion centered around this topic and how 2020 has been for area courses. 

The Panel consisted of:

Dr. Jim Brosnan, University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Dr. Brandon Horvath, University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Dan Johnson, Golf Course Superintendent at Old Hickory CC

Kevin Snell, Greenskeeper at Henry Horton Golf Course

Justin Browning, Golf Course Superintendent at Clarksville CC

Jeff Cooper, Golf Course Superintendent at Saddle Creek GC

B.J. Parker, Host, Making the Turn Podcast

This discussion was recorded at Bluegrass Yacht and Country Club in Hendersonville TN. Thanks to Tyler and the staff at Bluegrass for their hospitality. The seminar was a scheduled meeting for the Middle Tennessee Golf Course Superintendents Association. The audience was good and engaging. 

A lot of topics were discussed and we tried to address as many of the questions as possible. This was the second live seminar that has been recorded on the podcast and some audio may be hard to hear.

Thanks to the MTGCSA for having Making the Turn as part of this event!

Enjoy and thanks for listening!!

In the latest episode, I sat down with Darren Reese, the Director of Communications for the Golf House Tennessee. We had a great conversation and we covered a bunch of topics. 

Darren runs the many different Social Media, website and communication platforms for the Golf Foundation and wears many other hats as well. We talked about all that and more...

Even talked a little football and sports gambling which was a first for the podcast. Really think you will enjoy this one.

Thanks for listening and Enjoy!!

In the latest episode, I sat down with John Clintsman with the Ensworth School in Nashville TN. John is the first 3 time guest to the podcast. We discussed many great topics but mostly we talked about the Turf Field renovation that he and his team took on this summer during the Pandemic. 

I really think you will enjoy this one. We attempt to solve the world's problems as well.

Thanks for the listening and Enjoy!

In the latest Episode, I sat down with Shawn Emmack with Syngenta Chemical Corporation. I've known Shawn for nearly two decades and we have worked together on many different projects. Shawn has an interesting story and we talked about his experiences in the world of the Green Industry. 

I really enjoyed chatting with Shawn and we talked about topics going on in the industry today.

Shawn discussed his tragic wreck he had when he was younger and how that impacted his life today.

I really think you will enjoy this one.

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The latest episode is with Brad Erickson, Golf Course Superintendent at Brentwood Country Club in Brentwood, Tennessee. 

I had a great conversation with Brad and we discussed many topics. Brad has a unique story and we discussed that and more. I really loved doing this one and it was one I wanted to do for a long time. 

You will really love this one. 

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Thanks for listening.

On this Episode, I welcome back my good friend Dan Johnson. Dan is Superintendent at Old Hickory Country Club just north and east of Nashville, TN. 

We had a great time and talked about a variety of topics. 

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In the Latest Episode of Turn Talk, I discuss the latest things going on in our world and the Everything is a Test. I give some examples of the trying times we are in and what steps we can take when faced with difficult choices and decisions. I know that we are all in different spots in our lives but we all face some "tests" along the way.

Being Mentally tough and sharp helps us focus on the task at hand. Being willing to put in the work and take action allows us to handle the tough road ahead and not take steps backwards that would knock us off our road to success. And Finally, be willing to see these "tests" as opportunities to succeed and "Win" in all areas of your life. You are the average of the 5 people you hang around and you need to constantly evaluate the people around you. If they only try to bring you down or speak to you negatively, then they aren't adding value to your life. 

I hope everyone is doing well. I am looking forward to getting back to having some regular guests on but I really enjoy bringing you some valuable content about things that I have learned in my life.

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In the latest episode, I sat down with Jacob Marsh (@Truss_Super) Golf Course Superintendent at Timber Truss Golf Course in Olive Branch, MS. 


Jacob has a unique story. Normally you don't become a superintendent 2 years out of College. But Jacob managed to accomplish this feat. We discussed this and more. This was my first meeting with Jacob and we had a great conversation. If you think you have challenges or are looking for some good nuggets for fighting through on the job adversity, then this will be a good one for you.


Enjoy the episode and thanks for listening. 

In the latest Turn talk episode, I dive into dealing with adversity and how to overcome difficulties in your life. I breakdown some of my struggles and give you 5 steps to making it through any adversity in your life.

1. Stop saying why me? 

2. Self reflection on what factors or influences you may have had with the adversity

3. Stay focused

4. Start listening, learning and educating yourself. Podcasts, books, mentors, etc.

5. Start doing something. Take Action

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Thanks for listening and enjoy Turn Talk.

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